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BIREG General Tax Guide

Comprehensive summary of the latest tax matters and regulations

The business challenge

BIREG is an efficient system for controlling bilateral and CEMT-authorised transports, in which licensed intra-Community carriers are obliged to register.

With the introduction of this system, loading and unloading companies must also perform certain tasks requiring up-to-date knowledge. Failure to register or registering incorrectly will be sanctioned, which in serious cases may even result in exclusion from the Hungarian transport market.

Our solution

BIREG General Tax Guide

We will summarise the complete background of the introduction and legal regulation of the Advance Electronic Licence Registration System (“BIREG”) introduced on 1 January 2021, and we will examine the most important tasks and obligations of carriers, loaders (consignors) and unloaders (consignees) involved in freight transport from a practical point of view.

*Our summaries are for general information purposes only, and we cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from different interpretations of the law and jurisprudence, or from subsequent changes in the law.

Our publication provides answers to the following issues:

The BIREG system

Why was it necessary to introduce the system, what are the most important things to know and on which platform is it available?


What are the responsibilities of carriers, loaders and unloaders?

Data recording

What information must be made available by lorry operators or transporters?

Important deadlines

What deadlines must be met when registering transport operations?

Sanctions and penalties

What are the legal penalties for breaching or failing to fulfil certain obligations?


Which transport tasks are covered by the obligation to register in BIREG and which are not?


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