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Digital training for business and soft skills

Easily accessible, situation-based learning materials to develop business and soft skills

The business challenge

An organisation’s success depends more than ever on upskilling talent, knowledge-sharing, and giving employees the right tools to better understand their role in the organisation’s processes. People want to be part of a success story and invest in their own career by developing their skills.

How we can help

This e-learning series comprises several modules that are relevant to developing employees’ business skills and soft skills. Participants will be able to learn from their own experience, using a situational approach. This is possible through gamification, immersive technologies and interactive exercises. The content is easily accessible, allowing participants to develop their skills at their own pace, and learn anytime, anywhere.
Thanks to the modular design of the e-learning, you can find the best course or package to meet your learning objectives. The e-learning series contains the following modules:
  • Trust-based remote working (2.5 hours)
  • Change management and corporate culture (1 hour)
  • International diversity management (1 hour)
  • Professional ethics (4x1 hours)
  • Accounting for the Non-Accountant (4x1 hours)
  • Project management (50 min)

The benefits of our e-learnings at a glance

The personal growth of individual employees helps your company evolve as well.
settingsCritical thinking
Critical thinkers can make better use of their skills to find new perspectives and solutions to common challenges.
Investing in your employees’ soft skills enhances their resilience and problem solving skills.

Access our user-friendly modules anytime, anywhere.


Real-time reporting on training progress.


Integrate company-specific case studies and guidelines if needed.

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Corporate package
from € 10 000per module
  • Installation of SCORM packages on your 
  • Learning management system
  • Unlimited access to the training platform 
  • via a web link with no installation required

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