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Digital Upskilling Training

Hands-on e-learning solution for developing digital skills

The business challenge

Digital transformation is a fact of life nowadays. Yet it is often perceived by employees as threatening their jobs.

Understanding their role in the transformation and raising awareness is key to successful transformation. Digital upskilling is a great opportunity for everybody to become a part of the marketplace of the future. However, it is not easy to navigate the new technologies and trends as they are flooded with buzzwords and abbreviations. The aim of this e-learning series is to help you understand the true meaning of digital transformation and your role in it.

How we can help

Our digital upskilling training maintains a balance between theory and practice. 

Learners will have a better understanding of the ins and outs of digital solutions, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation. In addition, the training also focuses on the “how” of these key concepts. This training is made up of modules aimed at raising awareness and providing practical know-how.
The e-learning series contains the following modules:
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (1 hour)
  • Cybersecurity and crisis management (1 hour)
  • Online cyber escape room – hacking simulation (15 min)
  • Industrial security awareness – virtual escape room (20 min)
  • IoT - Internet of Things (30 min)

The benefits of our e-learning at a glance


Technology is only as good as the leaders who realise its opportunities, the developers who create it, and the people who use it every day.


Bringing in new perspectives and tools will drive innovation and growth.


The right mix of skilled and adaptable people aligned to the right culture and with the right mindset and behaviours can help power your business.


Access our user-friendly modules anytime, anywhere.


Real-time reporting on training progress.


Integrate company-specific case studies and guidelines if needed.


On-premise installation
550000 HUF - 5500000 HUFdepending on the number of users
  • Installation of SCORM packages on the learning management system
  • Compatibility with all common IT platforms
  • Simple administrative support within your own company
  • Billing based on the number of modules / SCORM packages installed

Develop your digital skills!

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