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Football Player Valuation

Player value calculation based on performance indicators

The business challenge

A key asset of any football club is its team of players.

It is therefore crucial for management to be able to make well-founded decisions about their players, with comprehensive knowledge of the available data.
A player’s transactional value can be influenced by a number of factors, but it is also essential that decision-makers have access to data based on objective performance in the football field.
One of the main tasks of scouts and sports directors is to find and contract the talent that best fits the team. However, due to the ever-expanding international football market, this poses a growing challenge to professionals.
The Football Player Valuation tool responds to these challenges through a customisable and user-friendly interface.

How we can help

Digitalisation has reached the sports sector: the key to maintaining competitive advantage today is digital development. The Football Player Valuation tool is a powerful decision support tool that can effectively support football clubs’ scouting activities in three main areas.

Performance analysis:
Through artificial intelligence-based structured analysis of hundreds of objective performance indicators for nearly 300 tournaments and more than 70,000 players, the tool can determine a player’s value based on objective performance data.
Choosing players with the right profile:
Having several years of performance data, the tool can also effectively support the search for new players. Grouping players based on their performance indicators will help professionals quickly select the players with the most appropriate profile for their teams and further examine their data.
Estimating future potential:
It is a priority for teams to ensure that licensed players continue to perform at a high level and develop over the years. Our product offers a solution to this challenge. Using advanced data analytics, it enables the prediction of players’ performance in the coming season as well as their performance-based value.

The benefits of the software at a glance

Football Player Valuation is a professional decision support platform for professionals and club managers in the football world.
  • Complex, yet easy to understand statistics
  • Artificial intelligence-based analysis
  • Processes data from over 70,000 players
  • Objective performance-based player value calculation
  • Future potential estimation based on past trends
  • Identification of undervalued and overvalued market segments
  • Efficient search for the player profile that best fits the team


Make informed decisions with the Football Player Valuation decision support system.

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