Football Player Valuation

Player value calculation based on performance indicators

The business challenge

A key asset of any football club is its team of players.

It is therefore crucial for management to be able to make well-founded decisions about their players, with comprehensive knowledge of the available data.
A player’s transactional value can be influenced by a number of factors, but it is also essential that decision-makers have access to data based on objective performance in the football field.

How we can help

Digitalisation has reached the sports sector: the key to maintaining competitive advantage today is digital development. The Football Player Valuation tool is a powerful decision support tool that can effectively support football clubs’ scouting activities in three main areas.

Performance analysis:
Through artificial intelligence-based structured analysis of hundreds of objective performance indicators for nearly 300 tournaments and more than 70,000 players, the tool can determine a player’s value based on objective performance data.

The benefits of the software at a glance

Football Player Valuation is a professional decision support platform for professionals and club managers in the football world.
  • Complex, yet easy to understand statistics
  • Artificial intelligence-based analysis
  • Processes data from over 70,000 players
  • Objective performance-based player value calculation
  • Future potential estimation based on past trends
  • Identification of undervalued and overvalued market segments
  • Efficient search for the player profile that best fits the team