Do you like games? Do you like challenges? Test yourself in the Investigate simulation.

The business challenge

The global regulatory landscape is a constant challenge for all organisations.

Increased activity by law enforcement bodies, government agencies and regulators means that your organisation can face the intense scrutiny of an investigation. Without warning, and with significantreputational consequences.

How we can help

Play Investigate and you will experience a realistic simulation of a regulatory crisis.

You will experience how an investigation unfolds in a time-pressured environment, the decisions that need to be made along the way, and the sources of evidence at your disposal as you build your understanding of the case.
You will search emails, interview suspects, analyse data and make real time decisions to compile evidence and identify the suspects. When you submit your report, you'll find out just how well your team performed! Test yourself, are you able to identify the suspects?


Test your reactions

You can test your reactions to a highly-sensitive situation in a safe environment.


You can gain insight how investigations are conducted.


Can be played in teams - Great competitive teamwork experience.