PwC Intelligent Risk Monitoring

Automated supplier risk assessment and decision support

The business challenge

In our experience, it is crucial for companies to exercise due diligence when verifying their suppliers and business partners in order to prevent potential VAT fraud.

How we can help

PwC’s Intelligent Risk Monitoring makes it possible to verify both prospective suppliers (onboarding check) and existing suppliers during the contractual relationship (portfolio check) in a verifiable and automated way, in accordance with NAV’s audit requirements.

Due to the nature of the solution developed by PwC, no implementation or complex IT processes are required. The platform can be easily accessed after subscribing. The nearly 70 risk aspects considered in the review draw on the expertise and decades of experience of PwC’s VAT specialists, and on relevant tax authority practice and case law. In this way, the software not only offers an IT solution, but also our professional experience and expertise.

The benefits of the solution at a glance


Minimizing risks

By checking suppliers, risks can be minimized and VAT fraud prevented.


Automated reports

Reduce the manual work and time required to screen the entire supplier and partner base.


Software and Expertise

The software has been developed based on the experience of PwC's VAT colleagues and tax authority practice.


Full analysis

The software analyses suppliers against more than 70 risk criteria.


Versatile use

Monitoring of solvency, quality assurance due diligence, etc.


Ready-to-use solution

No implementation or complex IT processes are required.