PwC’s Online Cybersecurity Escape Room

Experience-based education to develop information security awareness

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The business challenge

Business processes generate vast amounts of data, so addressing information security and data protection is no longer just a security concern, but rather part of the drive for efficiency at the company level. Educating employees and developing their skills is particularly important in these areas.

How we can help

PwC’s Online Cybersecurity Escape Room is an educational role-playing game for adults. It uses experience-based learning to raise awareness of common bad habits and information security vulnerabilities.

Players will find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the information security bad habits that are part of our daily lives?
  • What serious damage can the careless use of devices cause?
  • How can we improve our security awareness?
  • How can we protect trade secrets and confidential information?

    Alternative information security training options

    Besides our online cybersecurity escape room e-learning modules
    Real-life information security escape room
    • For more information on our offline cybersecurity escape rooms, visit our website or contact us on the form below.
    Virtual reality information security escape room
    • For more information on our virtual reality cybersecurity escape rooms, visit our website or contact us on the form below.

    The benefits of our solution at a glance

    Our solution offers a unique experience because it has been designed jointly by experts with a deep knowledge of the escape room methodology, and by PwC’s information security and privacy consultants. PwC’s Online Cybersecurity Escape Room combines professional content with a playful approach. By finishing the game, participants will gain an understanding in a playful way of the data protection mistakes that a typical employee makes in their everyday work. Thanks to the online platform, the game can be played anytime, anywhere. The concept behind the escape room of PwC is that humans tend to remember more vividly the things that they experienced, especially if the experience is fun and engaging. Feedback from clients’ executives has been overwhelmingly positive. However, our greatest motivator is when a client orders again our escape room.



    Provides a lasting impression and a thought-provoking experience.



    Playable anywhere from a laptop or a mobile phone.



    Benchmarking player performance based on tasks completed in the game and the time it takes to escape.